Karl Fürst

established the company, aptly called Karl Fürst, Erlangen / Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau (toolmaking and engineering), in Erlangen in 1938. Back then, his business was focused on the production of injection moulds and tools, for example for shuttlecocks, at a capacity of 180 units per hour. But he also produced clothes-pegs, coil bodies, pencil shafts and even toys and models: the cockpits of millions of tiny race cars were made by Fürst. In 1968, the large-scale production of plastic dowels was launched.

Manfred & Elisabeth Fürst

took over the family business from their father and established Manfred Fürst GmbH in 1978. The core business stayed the same: mould making & injection moulding. Customers came from several sectors, the bulk of them being producers of technical parts for the automotive, electrical, sports and toy industries. Special innovations of this time were, among others, lint brushes and the Rolliboy. In 1973, the company relocated to the new premises at Werker 6 in Erlangen. And in 1938, the first packaging tool was produced.